Founded in 1994, Pomona Capital is a global, value-oriented
private equity firm specializing in secondary investing and providing liquidity solutions for investors.

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Disciplined Strategy and Critical Mass

1–3%of deal flow typically purchased each year
Our guiding principle is to gain the benefits of private equity investing while seeking to limit risk. We have maintained a focused, disciplined secondary strategy while building the critical mass necessary to succeed in a changing and complex environment.

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“The energy and intellectual horsepower among individual team members is truly impressive. When we've come together as a team, we have achieved some extraordinary results.”
John Stephens Partner & Chief Financial Officer, US

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Article May 8, 2024
Future of Private Equity Keynote Interview- Navigating Secondaries Shifts

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Article Nov 30, 2023
PEI Keynote Interview- Exploring Advances in Secondaries

The market is only starting to scratch the surface of opportunities around AI and retail capital, but these developments must be approached responsibly, says Pomona Capital chief executive Michael Granoff.

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