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Article Jun 6, 2021
Buyouts Keynote Interview- A fast-growing market brings greater complexity and opportunity.

Secondaries GPs have had to get more granular in their approach through the pandemic while the competition continues to intensify, says Pomona Capital founder and chief executive Michael Granoff.

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Article May 6, 2021
Future of Private Equity Keynote- Sticking to Fundamentals in the Secondaries Market

Secondaries managers will excel if they remain focused on key market fundamentals while continuously adapting, says Pomona Capital's Michael Granoff.

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Article Dec 4, 2020
PEI Keynote Interview- Seizing Opportunities in Secondaries

Private equity secondaries firm Pomona Capital has adapted and navigated through the uncertainty of the 2020 landscape shaped by the global covid-19 pandemic. As we head into 2021, Pomona’s founder and chief executive, Michael Granoff, outlines his expectations for the secondaries market moving forward, and explains how his team has been able to journey through the crisis and leverage its longstanding relationships and execution experience to find attractive buying opportunities.

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Press Release May 7, 2020
Pomona Investment Fund Marks 5-Year Anniversary

Pomona Capital, a global private equity firm specializing in secondaries investing, announced today that Pomona Investment Fund (PIF) has reached its 5-year anniversary with approximately $200 million in assets under management as of December 31, 2019. Since inception, PIF’s Class A shares have delivered a net return of 10.15% to investors.

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Article May 5, 2020
Pomona Capital Keynote- Future of Private Equity

We spoke to Michael Granoff, CEO and founder of private equity secondaries firm, Pomona Capital, just two days before President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency in the US. The rapidly changing situation due to the covid-19 outbreak was on the minds of all of us as countries around the world took meaningful steps to contain and slow the spread of the virus.

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Press Release Sep 27, 2019
Pomona Capital Named Best Secondaries House by Private Equity Wire

Pomona Capital, a global private equity firm specializing in secondaries investing, announced today that it has been named “Best Secondaries House” by industry publication Private Equity Wire.

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